Stage of grief: Anger.

Posted Wed Aug 29, 2007, 13:04 PM by Tracy | |

I am just in a vile mood today and it is getting worse. It’s nobody’s fault, no one has done anything bad to me. Everyone has been very solicitous and considerate.

I picked up my mother’s ashes today in a plain cardboard box. She always told me she didn’t want a funeral. She wanted to be cremated and told me to throw the ashes in the garbage. She made a great show of being practical and unsentimental. I think she looked upon that sort of consideration as weakness.

I don’t know what I’ll do with the ashes. Maybe scatter them on the roses. Maybe add them to the compost. Or perhaps bury them in the backyard next to the cats. She definitely did not want to be interred in our hometown.

We have a date and time for the memorial service, so I can proceed forward with putting death notices in the local paper. Remembrances can be made to The American Cancer Society.

  1. I am so sorry to read that your mother has died. You were a very good daughter to her.

    Anne    Thu Aug 30, 09:31 AM    #

  2. after all the angst and other colorful emotions we endured with you during the time of your mom’s illness (which itself was entirely too long and protracted), it must be such a relief to move on. i only hope you may handle this period with as much grace. after losing my father to a sudden departure in 1995, it was difficult to cope with the hole in my life which he had occupied. may you find the strength to fill the void left by your mother in ways which affirm your life and hers. god bless.

    jim aka boredstiffgeeks    Sat Sep 8, 05:12 PM    #


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