My first half-century.

Posted Tue Aug 28, 2007, 05:26 AM by Tracy | |

It all started when Sifu Patty wiggled her toes at me and asked what I was doing on Sunday. Ooh, I thought, pre- PAWMA pedidure. Instead, I got talked into a bike ride: the Portland Century.

Sifu Patty signed me up for the half-century, a fifty-mile bike ride along the Springwater Corridor, cutting through Gresham to Blue Lake, back along the banks of the Columbia to Smith and Bybee wetlands, then downtown to PSU for a salmon dinner.

We had a little adventure when one of our group, who shall remain nameless (he knows who he is) was riding in the lead and missed a turn. We waited for him to turn around and tried calling on his cell, but we didn’t have the right number.

We took off after him, keeping our eyes peeled, hoping he would be waiting for us somewhere. We ended up going down this hideous twisting road with no bike lane, eventually ending at I-84. At that point, now off track and we were not about to back-track up that hill, we decided to proceed to our next rest stop. We figured if he weren’t lying bleeding in a ditch somewhere, he would be able to find his way back.

We managed to find our way to Blue Lake, only to find our errant rider waiting for us! We waited for our century rider to join us, then headed out for the last 25 miles.

The first 25 miles was okay, but the second 25 was hard, at least for me as the least experienced rider of the group. We rested too long and we had to ride into the wind atop the levee along the Columbia. It was a big relief when we finally got down off the ridge.

This was the furthest I’ve ever ridden. It was very satisfying. I was tired and a little sore when we finished, but not exhausted.


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