Semper ubi sub ubi.*

Posted Sat Aug 11, 2007, 10:30 AM by Tracy | |

It seems like I’m always running out of clean underwear. E says the cat probably takes them. The last time I went shopping for undies I had a hard time finding plain cotton. It was all slippery nylon. I like sturdy, breathable cotton.

So last week I went online to and bought myself $72 worth of cotton underpants in different colors. I’m not fond of white, I favor black, but I thought rose and peach would be nice, too.

* Oh, just look it up.

  1. I like to buy my cotton sturdies at the Jockey store at the Columbia Gorge Premium Outlet mall, exit 17 on Highway 84 in Troutdale.

    Leslie Zemenek    Sat Aug 11, 09:16 PM    #


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