Flying Dutchman.

Posted Mon Apr 05, 2004, 12:34 PM by Tracy | |

My new Dutch friend, Robert, is back in Rotterdam by now. We did meet up and I found out what his situation is. He plans to move his family to America in the next year or so. He has visited before and likes the Northwest very much. This trip he was doing research and making contacts, talking to ad agencies, government business agencies and freelancers such as myself. We had a very nice visit and I even learned something about typography and letter formation that I did not know.

We hear a lot about how America’s reputation overseas has been damaged by the current administration. Another friend, recently returned from France and Holland, said people were friendlier after he told them (when asked) that he didn’t vote for Bush.

There are still Europeans who want to move to America, who see open space and open minds, who want to live someplace where not everyone looks the same.

Robert was telling me that Muslims now make a significant minority in Holland. But they are so badly treated, it makes his throat choke. He liked seeing all the different people in Portland, tall, short, skinny, fat, black, white, Asian, Hispanic, young, old, all mixed together.

He said Donald Rumsfeld got it right when he called France and Germany “old Europe”. Traditionalism is so strong, it’s hard for someone who wants to try doing things differently. Hee hee, Robert also said that France want to run everything. I guess that’s pretty traditional, too.

  1. Europeans are as different as Americans are (hey, that's news). I don't like this talk about 'old Europe'. What does it mean? We're x-100 miljoen old people, or as many traditionalists? I don't recognize any of that. It was talking down, what Rumsfeld did, and he did it for his own political reasons. Let's not call each other names, at least. Nothing personal, you understand. I like the way you write and the subjects you write about.

    Irene    Tue Apr 6, 01:48 AM    #

  2. But we can still trash the French, right?

    the Magpie herself    Tue Apr 6, 11:42 AM    #

  3. Ow, mmm. You can if you really want to. But don't forget they produce all that good wine ...

    Irene    Wed Apr 7, 04:01 AM    #

  4. And cheese.

    the Magpie herself    Thu Apr 8, 08:41 AM    #

  5. And tripe.

    cherz    Thu Apr 8, 02:49 PM    #

  6. And gripe.

    Demos    Wed Apr 14, 02:49 AM    #


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