A good day, sort of.

Posted Sun Jul 22, 2007, 18:49 PM by Tracy | |

Mom is out of the hospital and back at the care facility. She knows me and is actually happy to see me. That one time she didn’t know who I was seems to have been just a blip.

We visited Mom Saturday since my Sunday was booked. She has eaten very little and regularly (but not always) refuses medication. Mom wanted to go for a soda, then suggested ice cream. I thought we could just find a 7-11 out walking about, but even better we found an Elmer’s. They made her a root beer float, which she loves. She ate the whole thing.

Mom continues to experience paranoid delusions, but she seems less agitated and merely anxious. Instead of saying that they are trying to kill her, she says they beat people and she thinks she’s next. They were also asking about E, what part of the hospital he works in. I told her it was okay if they ask about that, it’s not a secret.

I also told her that if they know E works in a hospital, they won’t dare to beat her. That made sense to her and actually seemed to give her a little confidence.

I’m going to keep working that angle.


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