The rope is fraying.

Posted Sun Jul 08, 2007, 17:38 PM by Tracy | |

You don’t know when you’re at the end of your rope until you reach it. I haven’t reached the end of mine yet, but it feels like it’s getting a little thin.

We went to see Mom at the care center today. I was hoping she’d be a little more on the ball than last Friday. She has only been out of the hospital since Wednesday, so I figured she still might be a little loopy from the infection.

Far, far from it.

We walked in and she pleaded with us to get her out. She said she was trapped, they wouldn’t let her leave. She pointed out other residents as spies. She whispered and shushed me when I spoke louder.

Mom said “they” stole her purse, but it’s okay because she stole it back. She gave me her wallet and checkbook for safekeeping. I just hope she can remember she gave it to me and doesn’t accuse someone of stealing.


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