Bay City Roller.

Posted Sat Jun 23, 2007, 20:26 PM by Tracy | |

I got a bike today. It’s a Bianchi Bay City. I got it from my brother-in-law’s bike shop, Lakeside Bikes in Lake Oswego OR. Go there, buy bikes and accessories, tell them Chattering Magpie sent you. That should confuse them.

I’ve got four months to get in shape for my black belt test. Time is tight. I get up, I go to work, I come home, I’ve got maybe half an hour before I leave for kung fu, I come back home, it’s late. When am I going to fit in extra time for cardio?

I was running the stairs at lunch, which worked just fine, but I crushed my ankle several weeks back and haven’t been on the stairs since. Only recently have I been able to go up and down stairs like a normal person. I still can’t sit in Japanese sitting position.

I got the crazy idea that I could ride a bike to work. Plenty of other people do. It’s only 5.3 miles. It’s just a matter of logistics. I can do this. Why not?

Only problem was I didn’t have a bike. So off to Lakeside Bikes (did I mention that my brother-in-law owns it? Go buy bikes and accessories). I got a bike, shoes, helmet, gloves, etc.

I rode the bike home and my sister-in-law rode with me, which was really helpful. I haven’t ridden a bike for years and I never did know how and when to shift. It was only 4.7 miles from the shop to our house, which wasn’t bad at all. Tomorrow I plan to ride my route to work to scope it out.

Who knows, I may become a permanent bike commuter.


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