The finality of decision.

Posted Fri Jun 01, 2007, 06:53 AM by Tracy | |

We have decided it is time to have Ally put to sleep. I have made the appointment with the vet. We will bury her in the backyard next to her sister.

I have mixed feelings about this. She’s still able to get down from the bed in the morning. She’s still drinking water. She still crawls into my lap to be held. But she’s unsteady on her feet. She hardly eats. She is little more than skin and bones.

To keep her alive would only be postponing the inevitable. We decided it would be kinder to let Ally go now, before her kidneys failed entirely. We don’t want her to go through what Mose went through, convulsing in pain before finally dieing.

E is home with Ally today, her last day. I told him to give her all the ham and cheese she wants.


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