All weekend long.

Posted Mon May 28, 2007, 08:20 AM by Tracy | |

E is off on his annual Memorial Day weekend camping trip, so I’ve got the house to myself with just the cats for company. I always think I can get a lot done when I’m by myself, so I set an ambitious agenda that I never complete.

Let’s see what I want to accomplish/have accomplished this weekend.

  • Cull books and sell to Powell’s
  • Take books that Powell’s rejected to Goodwill
  • Drop off a bunch of other stuff at Goodwill
  • Take old cat to vet
  • Pick up long awaited yarn from yarn store
  • Mow lawn
  • Pick up house
  • Vacuum bedroom and office
  • Wash sweaters and socks
  • Fold clothes
  • Update Mo Duk Pai website with photos from last weekend’s camp
  • Update my own web site with photos of kitties, news about yarn, thoughts about teaching a class at kung fu camp
  • Sweep the back deck
  • Get the fans down from the attic
  • Work on my presentation for work on Tuesday
  • Start my black belt essay
  • Cook a nice dinner in anticipation of E’s return


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