Cat on a warm composite roof.

Posted Fri May 25, 2007, 14:11 PM by Tracy | |

With the weather being nice and all, we’ve been leaving a window open for the kits to go in and out. They run around, play, explore, come back inside when they feel like it.

Last night, when I got home late, after dark, I naturally looked for the kits. I heard one of them (probably Little Augie because Zoe hardly makes any noise ever) crying. The sound went in and out of range.

I looked up and there was Little Augie on the roof. The little idiot had got himself up there and couldn’t get down. He was running around the roof, trying to find an exit.

I put a ladder against the roof line and tried to coax him down. E pulled into the driveway about then. He climbed all the way onto the roof and chased after the little bugger. He got ahold of Little Augie, finally, and handed him to me. The stinker squirmed leapt from my arms to the ground.

Terra firma at last.


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