Journeying to the big kitty box in the sky.

Posted Wed May 23, 2007, 09:42 AM by Tracy | |

We lost our cat Ally last night.

But we found her this morning. She spent the night on bath towels, shut in the cabinet under the bathroom sink.

I keep thinking each night will be her last and she keeps showing up alive in the morning. She is a very old cat, 18 this month. She is just skin and bones these days. She’s pretty shaky on her feet. But she can still make the mighty leap when she tries.

The poor old cat is hardly eating anything, though she does drink water. She seems interested when I put some wet food out for her, but she only gives it a few licks then walks a way.

Usually Ally hangs out in the living room with us, in either her basket or her nest. The last few days though, she will take herself off to the bedroom or the bathroom where it’s darker and quieter.

I just don’t know how much longer this old cat will last. She is fading away to nothingness and someday will be all gone, like a Cheshire cat.


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