What were you thinking?

Posted Thu May 10, 2007, 06:47 AM by Tracy | |

This is exactly the question I wanted to ask the Assisted Living facility when they accepted my mom back, following her (yet another) stay in rehab after a fall.

Yes, that’s right, she got back into AL. That’s where she wanted to be. Not that I blame her. Assisted Living apartments are much more spacious, private and less expensive than nursing home rooms.

The AL came and did an assessment and readmitted her. So last Saturday my brother Jim moved her back to her apartment. Not ten minutes after he got back to Astoria, he calls me to tell me Mom had a fall and is in the ER.

Oh boy, the ER! My favorite place to go visit! Luckily Mom didn’t break anything, which is amazing considering how osteoperotic she is. Her bones are like potato chips. They didn’t keep her overnight, just sent her back home.

Now Mom is back at her apartment, laying in bed. She is unable to sit up and can barely able to lift her head because of pain. She is not eating and is refusing to take all but her one most critical medication.

We have a doctors appointment on Friday. The doctor has specifically requested that family be there. We’ll see how it goes.

What were you thinking? I did get to talk to the woman who did the evaluation for Assisted Living for my mom. She recommended against it, but her boss overruled her, saying they have to readmit Mom. Nice.


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