Calling all oatmeal cookie recipes.

Posted Sun Apr 15, 2007, 15:47 PM by Tracy | |

Every Monday at work my department has a staff meeting. We take turns bringing the treats. For the boys, that means a box of donuts, Nutrigrain bars (for me), some juice and maybe some bananas.

I bring home-baked treats. I have my pride in my mad baking skilz to uphold.

I promised the boys I would bring oatmeal raisin cookies this time. I found a recipe in my mother’s old Betty Crocker cookbook. I baked the cookies, but frankly they weren’t what I wanted. They are very cakey and fall apart easily. I wanted something more chewy and dense, oatmeal and raisins held together with a little cookie, not a cookie with a little oatmeal and raisins inside.

Do you have a good recipe for oatmeal raisin cookies that you can recommend? Please email it to me, if you do.


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