Spring forward, drink beer.

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We went to the Spring Beer and Wine Fest at the Convention Center yesterday. I tasted 16 (!) beers. I’m paying for it with a throbbing head now, but boy it was sure fun. Good thing I stayed away from the wine and liquor. Oh, I lie, I did taste a spruce gin, hazelnut espresso-flavored 40 proof vodka, hot pepper vodka and a just plain regular vodka.

The band

Portland OR
Celtic punk in the mode of the Pogues. High energy with an edge of bitterness, like the beer like. Is that a didgereedoo I hear? I look up. Yes! Leading into another high energy song. Makes me feel young and old at the same time. I like my beer like my women: frosty and bitter.

The beers

Roots Brewing Co
Portland OR
Woody IPA
6% alcohol
73 IBUs
Great stuff. Rounded mouth feel. Not over hopped. Pleasant bitterness on the sides of the tongue, toward the back of the mouth.

Roots Brewing Co
Portland OR
Excalibur Stout
7% alcohol
48 IBUs
Goes over the tongue well. Mildly sweet, chocolaty and smoky. Everything a stout should be, E says.

Alpine Brewing
Oroville WA
5.2% alcohol
34 IBUs
Bohemian-style. Refreshing, flavorful, a good balance of malt and hops.

Alpine Brewing
Oroville WA
wheat bock
6.8% alcohol
12 IBUs
Bavarian-style. Flowery, smooth, different from the American wheat beers. Well-rounded.

Mad River Brewing Co
Humboldt CA
Steelhead Extra Pale Ale
pale ale
Refreshing, smooth, slightly malty, with an even, velvety mouth feel. Nice flavor.

Salmon Creek Brewery
Vancouver WA
Scottish Ale
Scottish ale
5% alcohol
27 IBUs
Slightly malty at first, hops follow on the aftertaste.

Boundary Bay Brewing Co
Bellingham WA
Bellingham Blonde
5.2% alcohol
Light-bodied, with a pleasant flavor that falls off quickly. A little flat at the end, but the low-key aftertaste lingers.

Astoria Brewing Co
Astoria OR
Poopdeck Porter
6.5% alcohol
34 IBUs
A surprising initial taste of bitterness keeps this porter from being too cloying.

New Belgium Brewing Co
Fort Collins Wit
Mothership Wit
4.8% alcohol
Certified Organic. Flowery and fragrant, spicy with hints of orange. Light and refreshing. This is my favorite style of beer.

Portland OR
Beertown Brown Ale
Brown ale
5.2% alcohol
Malty at first, sliding off to a secondary flavor I can’t quite identify.

Silver Moon Brewing
Bend OR
Panty Dropper IPA
5.6% alcohol
82 IBUs
How can you resist a name like Panty Dropper? Darker in color than I expected from an IPA. Hops give it flavor as much as bitterness.

Kona Brewing
Kona HI
Long Board Lager
5.4% alcohol
25 IBUs
Bright, crisp, as good as or even better than any lager I’ve tasted. This has flavor. Lightly hopped, it finishes with malty sweetness.

Big Sky Brewing Co
Missoula MT
Big Sky IPA
5% alcohol
Sharp hop flavor that finishes quickly. Good flavor.

Big Sky Brewing Co
Missoula MT
Moose Drool
Brown ale
4.1% alcohol
Mild, mellow, malty. Very low key, hardly any carbonation. Much better on draft than in the bottle.

Stone Brewing
San Diego CA
Arrogant Bastard Ale
Strong ale
7.2% alcohol
(secret) IBUs
Hoppy and malty and refreshing all at once. A kick in the pants.

Walking Man
Homo Erectus
8.2% alcohol
Plenty hoppy, well balanced, more of an imperial IPA.

  1. Oh my gosh. That sounds so good but I’ve got a sympathy headache after reading the reviews.

    Kungfukitten    Mon Apr 9, 01:50 PM    #


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