Little scaredy cat.

Posted Mon Mar 19, 2007, 14:52 PM by Tracy | |

With the weather occasionally being nice, we’ve been letting the kits outside to play. After awhile I call out and they come running back in.

Yesterday afternoon we let the kits out after they were cooped up in the house all weekend. A couple hours or less later, I called for Zoe and Augie. Augie came running right up but little Zoe was nowhere to be found.

Sometimes they play in the backyard. I walked around back of the house and called. No Zoe. Back to the front of the house and called. No Zoe.

I got a cup of kitten kibble. It makes a loud noise that usually has the kittens come running. I called and rattled. No Zoe. I walked up and down our street, back around behind the house. No Zoe.

E and I got worried. She’s such a delicate little thing and not very fast. We do have dogs and racoons in the neighborhood; I even saw a coyote once.

Periodically throughout the evening I went out with my cup of kitten kibble, rattling and listening for a response. No Zoe.

Finally, about 10pm, E checked the back yard again. There was our precious little Zoe, waiting to come in. She acted spooked and her coat was dusty.

E thinks she got scared and was hiding under the deck the whole time. She certainly had us scared. Now I am very leery about letting the little buggers out.


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