Google Cache saved my butt.

Posted Sun Mar 04, 2007, 17:07 PM by Tracy | |

I designed the web site for Mo Duk Pai kung fu association. I use Textpattern for maintaining that web site, as well as my own. There’s a ton of nifty plugins, written by people who are smarter than me, that extend the capabilities of Textpattern.

One of those nifty plugins lets you modify an existing post and “save as new” to make a new post. Handy when you don’t always remember exactly how you format posts of specific types.

You can already see where this is going, can’t you?

So we had promotions this Saturday and I wanted to get them posted right away. I grabbed the latest promotions post and just filled in new information. But instead of clicking Save New, I clicked Save, overwriting the original post.

Of course I could never remember all the names and ranks from a test back in October 2006. As far as Textpattern was concerned there was no going back.

The Wayback Machine didn’t have anything more recent for than June 2006.

Luckily I could remember at least one name on the list, so I did a Google search. Google Cache had exactly the page I needed. So no one needs to know I am an idiot.


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