Look Ma, I’m famous.

Posted Wed Apr 21, 2004, 14:41 PM by Tracy | |

The other day, for giggles and grins, as an old mentor of mine used to say, I googled myself. I was surprised at the result.

Just over a year ago I gave a presentation for an e-learning Special Interest Group (that’s SIG to you hip kids) on the basics of Information Architecture. I had pretty much forgotten about it until I hit Google. I came up with hits linking that presentation (on my professional site) from all over the world. One site is Polish, I think.

The Eyes Have It – look in the right hand column of “Asides”, a ways down. iCube – a Dublin, Ireland web design firm. InfoDesign: Understanding by Design – a non-profit resource or information design. Wow! I’m glad I found this one; it’s a great resource and I’m in exalted company. 714 – a Philly PA web design & consulting firm. I’m way down on the page. Column Two – an Aussie Content Management firm. You can comment! I-bits – This one has me stumped. I think it’s Polish.
NEWS FLASH Jiri of I-bits sez: “it’s Czech.” I feel so silly – I should have known.

In short, I am now an internationally recognized expert in the field of Information Architecture. I should put that on my resume.

Ouch! I just threw out my shoulder patting myself on the back.

  1. You're SO good. Looks like Polish is easy: Bloček o informačnch technologich. Just leave out the itches. In Dutch that would be: Een blog over informaticatechnologie. But you knew that already.

    Irene    Wed Apr 21, 11:29 PM    #

  2. No - it's Czech :)

    Jiri Maly    Wed Apr 21, 11:57 PM    #

  3. I feel so monolingual and ignorant. But it's okay - I'm an American!

    Back in the day when the the Magpie was still in the nest and expressed interest in studying, mmm, I think maybe Chinese (which I did at university), older relatives said, why bother, everybody else learns English.

    Sadly, still a common attitude among many of my fellow citizens.

    The Magpie herself    Thu Apr 22, 06:17 AM    #


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