Free beef.

Posted Sat Feb 17, 2007, 17:16 PM by Tracy | |

February is Free Beef month at Les Schwab Tires. Back in the day they used to give away a quarter of beef.

As luck would have it, I was in need of a couple new tires. Seems I had forgotten about the whole tire rotation thing the last couple years. My front tires were as bald as Donald Trump would be if he didn’t comb his neck hair forward.

I used to switch out the regular tires for studs in winter and do the rotation at that time. But with a full set of winter tires for the Toyota, we don’t bother with the Saturn. When it snows, I drive the Toyota and E take the bus.

I got out pretty cheap. The only tires they had in stock for my car were the least expensive. And I got my free beef. The sales guy tried to pawn off the beefsticks on me, but I knew they had steaks.


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