$659 car wash.

Posted Fri Feb 16, 2007, 22:06 PM by Tracy | |

Some people detail their cars, washing them and waxing them every week. Not me. About the only time my car gets washed and vacuumed is when I take it to the Saturn dealership.

Today I brought the little car into Saturn in for a pre-DEQ service. The last couple times I had to get the car through a DEQ emissions test, it failed. I wanted to avoid that this time with a pre-emptive pre-DEQ service.

My little Saturn is so old, every time I have it serviced, it runs me into hundreds of dollars. This time it was the ECT valve and and a leaky water pump. For good measure I had the oil changed as well. We still need to replace the PCV valve and drive belt, but we (and by “we” I mean “E”) can handle that at home. I can manage the windshield wipers myself.


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