Beep beep . . . beep beep . . . beep beep.

Posted Mon Jan 08, 2007, 13:20 PM by Tracy | |

The new computer came last Friday.

The old computer, the one E and I built from scratch using various scavenged components a few years back, finally died. It had problems with starting up. Sometimes it would take a couple tries to get going.

One day I could not start it up at all. I figure it was the power supply since all the fans except that one were turning. I think something was a little wonky with either the motherboard or the hard drive, I don’t know and I am not qualified to figure it out. I’m not qualified to do much with troubleshooting the computer.

So I ordered a new one and it came and E set it up for me, bless his heart. I spent a bit of time over the weekend installing software, making sure it all works well, which it does. I restored all my old files successfully (I am fanatic about backups.)

Sunday morning I woke the computer from overnight sleepy-time mode and began tapping away at the weirdo little Dell skeleton keyboard.

Beep beep . . . beep beep . . . beep beep.

Every couple minutes I hear beep beep.

This is very disconcerting. Computers, especially brand spanking new ones, aren’t supposed to go beep beep.

I go to Dell support and search for “Optiplex two beeps”. I find all sorts of information about POST codes, but this doesn’t apply. The computer made no untoward noises when it started up. It seems to be working fine, I just keep hearing beep beep every couple minutes.

Dell support chat is closed for the weekend. Can I dare to wait until Monday?

I pick up my cell phone, which is sitting directly in front of the computer and flip it open. The battery indicator is flashing that it is on its last legs and about to die.

Beep beep.


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