Last chance for 2006.

Posted Sat Dec 30, 2006, 11:23 AM by Tracy | |

[Channelling James Brown]

I feel GOOOOOD!**

[/Channelling James Brown]

Thank you Internet for making it so easy for me to make charitable contributions at nearly the last possible moment for the 2006 tax year, from the comfort of my living room, in my dirty bathrobe.

This year’s contributions go to:

  • Grameen Foundation – sound familiar? It should – the founder of Grameen Foundation, Muhammad Yunus, won the Nobel Peace Prize this year. The foundation makes microloans, mostly to women in third-world countries, to start or expand small businesses, lifting themselves and their children out of poverty.
  • Heifer International – along the same lines as Grameen Foundation, Heifer gives livestock to families in countries around the world, including the U.S., to help improve their lives. Participants in Heifer programs agree to pass along the offspring of their received livestock to new program participants.
  • Salvation Army – yes, I know they have discriminatory hiring practices (no Jews need apply – probably not Rastafarians either) but they are a religious organization after all. I like them because they have low overhead and administrative costs, and the bulk of donated funds go to services.
  • Volunteers in Asia – I was a volunteer English teacher in Taiwain in 1984; VIA provides English teachers and Applied Technology workers to Asian countries. VIA is adamantly not affiliated with government or corporations and only goes into countries at invitation.

Also I made an in-kind contribution to Raphael House of gift cards to Kroger (Fred Meyer) and Target. At work we have a program where we earn points that we can use to order catalog items, including various gift cards. There really wasn’t anything that I wanted, so I decided to donate gift cards to a local women’s shelter.


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