Sloth and gluttony.

Posted Thu Dec 28, 2006, 17:29 PM by Tracy | |

Traditionally I take the week between Christmas and New Year’s as vacation, using up the last of my PTO. Traditionally I embark upon a grand project, such as cleaning and organizing the house.

This year instead I am embodying two out of seven deadly sins. I am eating and drinking myself silly, laying about (blogging), laughing at the kittens chasing each other around and over the kitty condo (stay away from the tree!), searching for yarn online and staring at the mess that is our house after Christmas.

I have accomplished nothing. No filing, no cleaning, sorting, organizing. I haven’t even disposed of the empty boxes that once contained presents. At least I got my thank you notes out.

E would probably like it if I embraced the deadly sin of lust.


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