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Not as big as the Brewer’s Festival in July, but still fun, the Winter Brewer’s Festival was held this last weekend in Pioneer Courtouse Square.

I was busy with my Christmas shopping, so I didn’t make it down until Sunday. Even then we didn’t stay long because E had a headache.

I only got to try a few beers. The selection runs to sweeter, heavier malty beers. Just the thing to curl up with in front of a fire.

Alaskan Brewing Co
Juneau AK
Alaskan Spruce Tip Winter Ale
Olde English
6.4% alcohol
Round caramel notes, with a gentle fizz, it holds on to the side of the tongue. It didn’t taste like spruce to me, but E got a strong flavor of spruce.

Brasserie St Feuillen
Le Roeulx Belgium
St Feuillen Cuvee de Noël
Strong Ale
9% alcohol
Generally I like Belgian beers and I like this one too. It is very sweet, with strong flavors of orange and spice, making a heady, strong brew.

Fearless Brewing Co
Estacada OR
Fearless Strong Scotch Ale
Scottish Ale
8.5% alcohol
Drink enough and you’ll be fearless, too. Malty and strong, with nutty overtones, very warming.

Hazel Dell Brewpub
Vancouver WA
Weinachten Fest Bier
Christmas Ale
6.8% alcohol
Like bittersweet chocolate, this ale goes straight to the back of the mouth. Unlike a lot of the malty beers available, it is not sweet at all. It’s an adult taste, bitter without being overhopped.


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