Little boozer and little doofus.

Posted Sun Nov 12, 2006, 21:31 PM by Tracy | |

Zoe likes beer. She hasn’t shown much interest in people food, but at least she shows good taste in beer. I was drinking an IPA and Zoe started licking the mouth of the bottle. I poured out a little into a dish, swirled it a bit to dispel the carbonation and offered it to her. She lapped it right up.

Little Augie got quite a knock on the head today. E surprised him and he ran and jumped straight into a wall. Later this evening he leapt at the reflection of a bug in the lawyer’s bookshelf.

I thought he was the smart kitty, now I’m not so sure.

Little Augie’s been showing a bit more interest in Zoe than I’m comfortable with. Time to call the vet and make an appointment to have him tutored.


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