World's smartest teen cat.

Posted Sat Nov 04, 2006, 21:23 PM by Tracy | |

click for closeup view

I didn’t capture the pic, but Little Augie showed a high degree of kitty intelligence today.

He and sister Zoe have chewed off the tails of several toy rattly mice. Today Little Augie was playing with one of the tailess mice, picking it up and dropping it into their newest kitty toy, a hollow torus with a ball inside. He batted it around until he got it out of the torus, then dropped it in again.

Such a clever little boy.

  1. I always cut the tails off the fur mice before I give them to the cats because Trinity loves to eat them and I’m paranoid she’ll get a bowel obstruction or something. Still she’s managed to eat the drawstring of my kungfu pants, sweatshirt ties, shoe laces and those little hanger strings inside dresses. She’s definitely a chewer. And yes, Augie is very smart to be making up his own games!

    kngfukitten    Fri Nov 10, 02:44 AM    #


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