The rocky road of site migration.

Posted Thu Oct 19, 2006, 20:07 PM by Tracy | |

Migrating my sites from one host to another was not a weekend project after all. You may have noticed this blog was down for nearly a week. Glad to have you back, glad to be back.

I switched my host to GoDaddy for the simple expedient reason that I could get a lot of space cheap. Eventually I will need all 10GB for pictures of the kittens.

It would have gone much smoother if I hadn’t changed my mind half way through about how I wanted everything set up. I signed up for the deluxe plan which would allow me to host several sites under one hosting account and get a bajillion email addresses that I don’t need.

The hitch in the giddyup, as they say, is the email addresses could only be for the one domain that was the primary hosted domain. I began with as the primary domain, but since I wanted my emails to be, I had to switch the primary domain.

GoDaddy’s help documentation is rather sparse. It will tell you how to do X. What it won’t tell you is that in order to do X you must have also done Y. And if you want to do X, you can’t do Z.

Fortunately their phone tech support is very responsive. I had a lot of calls in, some of which involved hand holding. Somehow the domain switch for the primary hosted domain got held up, which resulted in nearly a week’s delay in getting Chattering Magpie back, once we figured out that was the problem.

All is almost well now, just a few hiccups to resolve. Soon I will have tons of cute kitty pictures posted.


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