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Posted Sun Oct 01, 2006, 23:13 PM by Tracy | |

We haven’t been to Astoria, my hometown, since Memorial Day weekend, so we were defnitely overdue for a trip. We always take Aunt Vi to dinner and visit Uncle Harry. My Uncle Harry is really my dad’s uncle, so I guess that makes him my great-uncle. Harry is 94 as of a week ago.

We used to take Harry to lunch, always to the same restaurant where he always ordered the same thing. But these last few times we’ve been to visit, Harry has not been feeling well. Though his mental acuity has not dulled over the years, his body is slowly failing him. Sometimes he’s not too steady on his legs or he just doesn’t feel well.

We wandered around the town Saturday afternoon and serendipitously happened upon a little beer festival. I’m not supposed to drink for the next week or so (cyclical headache management), but I decided to risk it. Boo headaches. Hooray beer!

As much as I enjoyed tasting the beers, it was a little disappointing. We have already drunk most of the beers that were available, at previous beer festivals. What was left was not particularly impressive. Still it was beer. Forthwith, my notes:

Astoria Brewing
Astoria OR
Bitter Bitch IPA
Imperial IPA
Surprisingly malty, with plenty of bitter hoppiness, pleasant, not the biggest IPA we’ve ever had. Not a bad effort.

Bill’s Tavern
Cannon Beach OR
Blackberry Beauty
Fruit beer
Tart, not too sweet, but not much else going for it. Good berry flavor.

Astoria Brewing/Baked Alaska
Astoria OR
Cap’n BA’s Thundermuck Coffee Porter
A nondescript porter, nothing special or outstanding. I would have expected coffee tones from the name.

Mad River Brewing
Blue Lake CA
Jamaican Red Ale
Red ale
Sweet without being cloying or overly malty, good body.

Roots Brewing
Portland OR
Toasted Coconut Porter
A fun porter with the sweetness of toasted coconut.

North Coast Brewing
Fort Bragg CA
Red Seal
Pale Ale
Nicely bitter, gentle malt, though otherwise not much flavor. Sports a good head and rich amber color.

New Belgium
Fort Collins CO
Saison Harvest Ale
Fizzy, good head, good flavor, flowery. This was our choice for the best beer of the festival.

Rogue Ales
Newport OR
Uber Pils
Nondescript, nothing uber about it. A disappointing offering from an otherwise reliable brewery.

Widmer Brewing
Portland OR
Broken Halo IPA
Good hoppy flavor that drops off fairly quickly to a long finish.

Munich, Germany
Classic German style
Reminds me of childhood trips to the feed store.

Astoria Brewing
Astoria OR
Marionberry Wheat
Fruit beer
Dry, refreshing, mildly tart. A cloudy mauve in color.


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