Pretty pretty princess toes.

Posted Thu Sep 07, 2006, 00:33 AM by Tracy | |

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After four days of martial arts training with no makeup, hair styling or jewelry, it was fun to get a pedicure.

My kung fu buddy Anne and I treated ourselves to a post PAWMA pedicure, then out for lunch at Pho Van where we each had a different kind of duck soup.

Anne thought it would be fun if we were to try on t-shirts at American Apparel, a few blocks down on trendy Hawthorne Boulevard. The ultimate goal is to select a style that is attractive on multiple body types, so we can have t-shirts made to promote our Women’s Open Sparring sessions.

I hate trying on clothes.

I would rather go on a diet to lose weight than buy new clothes.

But I’m game.

It wasn’t pretty.

To start with, I have mixed feelings about American Apparel. On the one hand, it is a fairly progressive company that pays a good wage, and provides good benefits. On the other hand, the owner sounds like a sexist jerk who treats his female staff as his personal harem. Plus they’re anti-union. The Wikipedia article on American Apparel sums it up.

Aside from that I just can’t wear their clothing. It’s the Junior department and I need the Misses department. Heck, I need Nordstrom Women’s Tailored.

Spandex is not my friend. When a dress that is labeled XL is too tight on me, I take it personally. Necklines were all too low cut for my comfort level. I do not feel the need to show off the tatas. They don’t need any help making their presence known to the world.

Poor Anne, I yelled NO at her when she offered me a shirt to try on. She thought the neckline would be good on me, but all I saw were puffy baby-doll sleeves.

She forgave me, eventually, but it was decided that I didn’t need to be involved in the t-shirt selection process.

  1. I love those junior baby doll shirts. By the time I cram my tatas in them I’m unable to breathe because my cleavage is pressing into my neck. Size large my ass (actually I’m sure my ass is a size extra large there).

    kngfukitten    Fri Sep 8, 02:07 PM    #


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