Celebrity sighting.

Posted Fri May 21, 2004, 20:10 PM by Tracy | |

Quick! Don’t look. It’s that guy who was on Northern Exposure, Chris, the DJ. Are you sure? I don’t know. If that’s not him, he’s sure the spit-and-image of that guy. What is his name? Oh god, I can’t remember.

E and I were enjoying a lovely early supper at El Gaucho when this guy and girl sit down at the other side of the bar. I thought the guy looked an awful lot like the actor who played Chris on Northern Exposure. He’s been in more recent stuff but I couldn’t think of anything (try My Big Fat Greek Wedding and Sex in the City, but I don’t watch that). I tried to eavesdrop, thinking the voice would clinch it for me one way or the other.

Then another woman came up and asked for his autograph. So it was John Corbett after all. And me without my camera.


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