Rumors of snow.

Posted Fri Jan 07, 2005, 08:05 AM by Tracy | |

Earlier this week I heard a wild rumor of 12” of snow by this Friday.

It’s Friday, but no snow. It’s cold all right, but our precipitation is liquid and transparent.

I’ve been talking with the people at Driftwood, the care facility where Mom is getting rehab & PT. We’re trying to figure out when she will be discharged so I can retrieve her and bring her home to Oregon. Just yesterday I signed papers at West Hills, an Intermediate Care Facility where she will receive 24-hour care.

Mom seems to be at a plateau. She is very weak and remains dangerously underweight. She will not participate in her own recovery, which is frustrating to everyone. She can walk 8 ft assisted, when she tries. But more often than not, she tells the physical therapist to go away. She will not feed herself. She eats very little and only when someone feeds her.

Unless Mom herself decides to try to build up her strength and stamina, there’s very little that anyone can do. What nobody wants to bring up is she may have decided, on a sub-conscious level, to die. She certainly seems to have given up. She lacks will and motivation.

A friend told me of her husband’s grandmother who decided it was time to go and stopped eating. It took her months to die. She (the grandmother) was mad that it took so long.

  1. I feel for you (in case I haven't mentioned it in person). Luckily I've yet to deal with these issues, just the mental illness... You might want to talk to Carol, who has experience to share from her mother's decline and eventual death.

    Remember, breath and try to practice acceptace (as much as we want to, there are many things we cannot control)

    PattyO    Fri Jan 7, 12:27 PM    #

  2. Must. Control. Everything.

    — Tracy    Fri Jan 7, 01:18 PM    #

  3. She might be depressed - she's been through a lot of change in the last year. Antidepressants might help, but convincing her to take them is another issue. Hang in there.

    Kungfukitten    Fri Jan 7, 02:31 PM    #


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