Booze is not the Answer. Booze is the Question. The answer is Yes.

Posted Wed May 19, 2004, 09:32 AM by Tracy | |

Not for me, alas. I think I’m reacting to vodka. Last night I made myself a little martini, just a couple short shots of vodka. It barely came up to the midpoint of the martini glass. Within an hour or two, I had a headache that persisted through the night to the morning. Thank heavens for ibuprofen.

You know, I like saying “waffles” and “pancakes” more than I like eating them. Well, maybe not waffles. I definitely like eating waffles. All those crispy ridges.

  1. ... and the little waffle holes that hold the butter and/or syrup and/or jam.

    cherz    Wed May 19, 10:58 PM    #


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