Playing catch-up.

Posted Thu May 13, 2004, 07:37 AM by Tracy | |
Sassy’s been too busy for the past several weeks to clean her own house, much less update the blog. If not for the cleaning lady the place would be a disaster.

I’m in the middle of two web site builds, plus working on-site at an ad agency every day. I’m working all day, every evening and much of the weekend. Precious little time for else. No ‘fu, no knitting. I can barely manage to squeeze in Law & Order while eating supper. Thank heavens Tivo lets me skip commercials.

So … a quick recap of the last few weeks, in no particular order.

We gave E’s mother a big bouquet of peonies from the garden for Mother’s Day.

I bruised a middle-ish toe on my left foot in kung fu advanced class. I thought I broke it, but now I think not. My father-in-law splinted it for me, but it was pretty uncomfortable walking around with a popsicle stick under my foot, so I took it off.

E and I got new cell phones, plus one for his mother. The are pretty and silver and small. It’s a flip phone so I can say “beam me up Scotty.”

The phones were supposed to be shipped unactivated, but they were activated instead. Damned inconvenient for a few days when the old phones didn’t work and the new ones hadn’t yet arrived. A few years ago I didn’t even have a cell phone. Now I’m antsy if I don’t have one for a few days.

Orange Kitty has been mixing it up with racoons. He’s got a big festering sore on his head. I saw the racoon on the porch the other night. He’s huge!


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