Crashy smashy.

Posted Sat Aug 26, 2006, 21:16 PM by Tracy | |

Not a car accident, thankfully.

E and came home from Mom’s birthday dinner at Koji’s (thank you sake!) and were watching a crappy Steven Segal movie (is there any other kind?) when I heard breaking glass.

My first thought was someone broke into our house. My first reaction was to grab the bad ass serious fireplace poker and hand it to E, then grab the cheap ass fireplace poker for myself. We checked out the house (which took all of two seconds for <1000 sq ft.) Anyone who breaks into my house (especially after I’ve had a couple bottles of sake) is in for a serious beat down.

Nada. A lot of relief and a little disappointment.

One last check in my room (aka home office, aka kittens’ room) showed a picture (one I drew myself thank you) on the floor. Broken glass everywhere. Shards and slices and shattered bits of razor-sharp silica. Goodness knows how it fell, but it fairly jumped off the wall.

What can you do? Snakes on a plane.

I cleaned it up, getting a few slices myself. I just hope I got it all and the kits don’t get any broken glass in their little paddy paws.

  1. I found that those tape lint rollers are really good at picking up tiny pieces of glass from carpet that the vacuum may have missed. Don’t want the babies hurt. Although how they climbed up the wall and knocked down that picture, you’ll never know. ;)

    kungfukitten    Sun Aug 27, 02:06 AM    #


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