< 3lbs of cat.

Posted Mon Aug 21, 2006, 20:01 PM by Tracy | |

The kitters had their first Well Kitty visit to the vet on Saturday, when they got weighed. Little Augie is a big 1-1/2 lb kittie now and Zoe is not far behind at 1lb 6oz. This at nine weeks of age.

Notice the ruler in the foreground. Yes, they really are that tiny.

The vet thought they might still have parasites in their round little bellies, despite having been wormed once previously, so they got worm medicine. Zoe was sneezing so now I have to shove pink amoxicilin down their little kitty throats twice a day. Plus ear drops for Zoe’s dirty ears. Augie fights more than she does when I give him medicine, but he doesn’t stay angry.

They are both very active. They love playing with their little rattly mice, tissue paper, atm and credit card slips, and strips of leather. They prefer to sleep on my desk chair instead of in the basket I got them.

Ally still is unhappy with the kittens and us. She will sniff them if they aren’t looking at her, but one glance and she hisses. It’s been just over a week, but we’re still hoping they will all become pals eventually.


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