Little boy and little girl.

Posted Sun Aug 13, 2006, 12:51 PM by Tracy | |

So far, so good. The kittens are staying in my room and Ally is ignoring them. She’s an “out of sight, out of mind” sort of cat. Though she is a bit more clingy.

Ally wandered into the room yesterday afternoon and hissed at the kittens. Little girl arched her back and held her ground as Ally turned and walked away. Then little girl turned to her brother and hissed at him. Little boy backed away quickly. Then he advanced on her and she backed off. They both lay down where they were and fell asleep. Cranky kids needed a nap.

Little girl is the braver of the two. Little boy hasn’t shown much interest in leaving the room, but little girl will wander out. They are eating well and using the litter box, so no problems there.

Click any photo for a closeup. Little boy is the black one with white mittens; little girl has Himalayan/Siamiese coloring with a milk mustache. Despite appearances to the contrary, little girl does indeed have all four legs.

  1. You’d wish they’d never grow up.

    Ruben    Mon Aug 14, 03:29 AM    #


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