We got kittens.

Posted Fri Aug 11, 2006, 20:03 PM by Tracy | |

So tiny and vulnerable. If they weren’t found with their much bigger siblings, you’d never know these two little runts are seven weeks old. The little girl in the foreground weighs only 1/2 lb. Her brother, the six-toed freak, weighs a little more.

One of my co-workers sent an email a couple weeks ago, asking if anyone could take a kitten. Their mother was killed and he and his wife, a vet tech, are fostering them.

Since her sister Mose died in February, our old lady cat, Ally, has enjoyed being the only cat and getting all the attention. I wasn’t sure how she’d react to a kitten.

When I heard one of the kittens was black, that got my attention. Then came the photos. He’s not an all-black like Mose, he’s got mittens – like E’s childhood cat.

We agreed to take the little guy on a conditional basis, depending on how Ally reacted. Then I agreed to take his little sister, the other runt, since they are inseparable. Besides, two kittens would play with each other and leave Ally mostly alone.

I was worthless today at work, waiting for the kittens to arrive. When I brought them home, E was even more excited than I was. Ally … not so much.

Actually it went about as well as could be expected. She sniffed them a bit and walked away. At least she didn’t hiss or hit.

For the time the kittens will be confined to my room while Ally has the rest of the house.

Right now they’re cuddled up under the computer desk.

  1. It is nice having two kittens. They keep each other entertained and warm. When they get older they’ll still have that tight bond but will also have their own relationships with you and E. I’m glad you adopted them both. :)

    kungfukitten    Thu Aug 17, 11:06 PM    #


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