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This year I managed to taste nearly 30 beers by myself. Needless to say I am worn out. But it was so worth it. I don’t have a strategy for tasting. I just jump right in and taste whatever sounds interesting. I found myself with a lot of beers that tended more toward malty than hoppy, so on Sunday I concentrated on IPAs with the occasional Pilsner or Lager.

What’s the best beer? It’s whatever you like at the moment. Though if pressed for a favorite, I’m inclined to say Russian River’s Pliny the Elder.


21st Ammendment
San Francisco CA
Watermelon Wheat
Fruit Beer
Is it beer that tastes like watermelon or watermelon that tastes like beer? A very wheaty fruit beer that is light and refreshing for summer. Not much body.

Eugene City Brewery
Eugene OR
Honey Orange Wheat
Drinks like a Creamsicle: lightly orange and almost creamy. Heavy on the wheat.

Lost Coast Brewery
Eureka CA
Great White Beer
Belgian Wit Beer
Summer in a glass – very fizzy and lightly spicy with an essence of orange. Not much depth but refreshing.

McMenamins Cocordia Brewery
Portland OR
White Lightning Whiskey Stout
Imperial Stout
8.9% alcohol
75 IBUs
Creamy, rich, almost too sweet, this imperial stout is a meal in a glass. Probably has your RDA of vitamins & minerals.

Redhook Ale Brewery
Woodinville WA
Sunrye Ale
Rye Ale
5.3% alcohol
16 IBUs
Nice flavor but not much staying power. Nicely fizzy and refreshing.

Russian River Brewing
Santa Rosa CA
Pliny the Elder
Double IPA
8% alcohol
100 IBUs
Hopped to the max, but well balanced. Cleans the palate – and probably your kitchen counters as well. Also a very high alcohol content. Our favorite of the festival. The best of the big-hopped beers.

Scuttlebutt Brewing Co
Everett WA
Homeport Blonde
Blonde Ale
4.7% alcohol
17 IBUs
A light refreshing beer, with a touch of fruit. There’s not too much going on here, but plenty of fizz makes this a good summer beer.

Snipes Mountain Brewery
Sunnyside WA
Indian Pale Ale
4.6% alcohol
58 IBUs
A nice all-around IPA, plenty hoppy with good flavor and balance, not overwhelming.

Sprecher Brewing Co
Glendale WI
Mai Bock
Spring Bock
6% alcohol
24 IBUs
Lightly fizzy, slightly malty, good for cool fall evenings, despite the name.

Walking Man Brewing
Stevenson WA
Strong Pale Ale
6.5% alcohol
100 IBUs
Pleasantly hoppy and tasty, but not too strong. Complex in its own right. It doesn’t come on as strong as Pliny the Elder, another 100 IBU beer.


Dick’s Brewing Co
Centralia WA
Dick’s Best Bitter
5.5% alcohol
50 IBUs
Nicely bitter with a hint of malt and a mild finish.

Lagunitas Brewing
Petaluma CA
Imperial Cream Ale
7.6% alcohol
41 IBUs
Starts out mildly hopped, followed by a malty creaminess, ending with a hoppy, lingering finish.

New Belgium Brewing Co
Fort Collins CA
1554 Enlightened Black Ale
Brussels Style Black Ale
5.6% alcohol
21 IBUs
Rich & creamy, not overpowering, carbonation gives it a slight tang. Maltiness makes this a good winter beer.

New Old Lompoc
Portland OR
Proletariat Red
Northwest Red Ale
6.9% alcohol
69 IBUs
A pleasant balance of malt and hops, slightly leaning towards a hoppiness that quickly drops off into a long quiet finish.

Pelican Pub & Brewery
Pacific City OR
Kiwanda Cream Ale
Cream Ale
5.5% alcohol
25 IBUs
A well-balanced blend of flavors that provide a good antidote to the over-hopped beers currently in fashion.

Roots Organic
Portland OR
Belgian Wit Bier
Belgian Wit Bier
5.3% alcohol
35 IBUs
Full of flavor, this is a classic wit. Strong orange and cardomon flavors with neither dominating and a gentle finish. So far my favorite of the three witbiers at the festival.

Widmer Bros.
Portland OR
Double IPA
8.5 % alcohol
72 IBUs
This year’s Collaborator is simultaneously sweet & hoppy with a strong finish that tapers off gradually. Another fine collaboration between Widmer Bros. and the local home brewing community.


Alameda Brewhouse
Portland OR
Wasco Indian Summer Ale
English IPA
6.5% alcohol
60 IBUs
Flavorful, leaning towards hops, but tapering off fairly quickly. Doesn’t demand too much attention, but not without interest. Overall a good hoppy beer.

Anderson Valley Brewing
Boonville CA
Summer Solstice Cerveza Crema
Amber Cream Ale
5.5% alcohol
5 IBUs
Tastes like Vanilla Coke. No wonder it has the longest line at the festival.

Bayern Brewing
Missoula MT
Bayern Pilsner
5.2% alcohol
34 IBUs
Light but not lacking in body as many mass-produced lager styles. Subtly fruity with just enough hops (though that might still be Organic Green Mammoth in my mouth.)

Boulder Beer Co
Boulder CO
Sweaty Betty Blonde Wheat
German Weiss
5.9% alcohol
15 IBUs
Similar to a Belgian Witbier, very fruity and slightly spicy with lively carbonation. Good body with a quick drop off to a gradual finish.

Boulevard Brewing
Kansas City MO
Belgian Wit Bier
4.2% alcohol
15 IBUs
Carbonation initially dominates big orange & spice flavors, followed with a quick finish. #2 in my rankings of this year’s witbiers.

Deschutes Brewery
Bend OR
Inversion IPA
6.8% alcohol
A hoppy beer that is well-balanced, not too bitter.

Green Flash Brewing
San Diego CA
West Coast IPA
7% alcohol
95 IBUs
Another big hopped beer with balance. Lingers long.

Laurelwood Public House & Brewery
Portland OR
Organic Green Mammoth
8.5% alcohol
100 IBUs
One sniff and you’re walking through a hop field. Big rounded hop flavor fills the mouth, tapering off gradually with major staying power. Merely bitter when sipped, this IPA requires whole mouth tastes. Not for the faint of heart. The biggest of the current crop of overhopped beers.

Ninkasi Brewing Co
Eugene OR
Quantum Pale Ale
Pale Ale
5.3% alcohol
Initially malty, followed quickly by dominating hops that taper off gradually, ending with a gentle maltiness.

Moylan’s Brewing Co
Novata CA
Tipperary Pale Ale
Pale Ale
38 IBUs
At last, a well-hopped beer that isn’t over hopped. Plenty of hoppy goodness without being overwhelming.

Racoon Lodge
Portland OR
Raspberry Wheat
Fruit beer
4.5% alcohol
Really red, really raspberry, nicely tart, not too wheaty. A top notch novelty beer. Good for summer. Not a Ruby Tuesday clone by any means.

Siletz Brewing
Siletz OR
Wooly Bully
6.4% alcohol
38 IBUs
An initial hit of strong hops is followed by a mellow maltiness, ending with a lingering bitterness of hops.

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