Home Alone XI.

Posted Thu May 27, 2004, 13:34 PM by Tracy | |

E is gone and I don’t know when he’ll be back.

Every year for Memorial Day weekend (which is now extending into the week before) E and his buddies go camping on Mt Hood. Originally it was just the guys and their dirt bikes, sitting around the campfire drinking, farting and telling lies. Over time wives and girlfriends and children came too. Less dirt biking, fewer lies, same amount of farting.

Each year I’m invited to come with and each year I decline. Dirty, dusty (or worse, muddy) campgrounds full of loud dirt bikes and louder people doesn’t fit my concept of the outdoor experience. I enjoy a little smoke-free peace and quiet at home for few days.

The first several years we were married, I had a hard time sleeping when E was away, even though it meant no snoring, no being woken in the middle of the night when he turned on the light to read. Now I can sleep the whole night through. Just me and the cats.

  1. when it's just me, without the hubby, somehow my cats manage to position themselves "just so" - so that i don't actually gain any space on the bed.... but it is ever so much quieter.

    semaphoria    Sat May 29, 11:32 PM    #


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