The Mad Crush.

Posted Tue Jul 04, 2006, 16:47 PM by Tracy | |

We went to the Waterfront Blues Festival last night. E wanted to see the headliner, Little Feat. What a crowd! It was so packed, the organizers couldn’t let anyone in; only people with stickers proving they were already there could get in. So E snagged us a pair of stickers from a couple on their way out.

The organization of this huge event gets better every year. This year they had set up barriers for a walkway and even included a sign saying, “Walkway. Do not stop.”

E grooves to the music. I like to walk around and just feel the energy of the crowd. I don’t like staying in a single spot for too long. Thank heavens for the magic of cellphones, so we can reconnect at the end of the show.

Speaking of magic, there was a summer lightening storm east of the Willamette. The crowd oohed and aahed with each flash. We braced for a downpour but it never came.


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