Straining the grid.

Posted Tue Jun 27, 2006, 22:44 PM by Tracy | |

The heat has subsided somewhat, but it’s still steamy. The air barely moves, despite the careful placement fans.

I forgot to pick up frozen juicy bars on the way home. They are worth going back to the store for. Though the heat makes me sluggish.

We usually have a 4th of July barbecue, but not this year. Friends of ours are having a barbecue this weekend and since it will be pretty much the same group of people, we decided to skip our own party this year. It’s kind of nice to take a break.

The heat is affecting my ability to focus. That and long days at work as we prepare to roll out product.

  1. If you go to the baby department you can get pedialyte pops, they’re like otter pops but full of electolytes (only 100 calories if you eat all of them) They seem to make me feel better and keep me from going into heat stroke. Plus they taste good.

    kungfukitten    Fri Jul 7, 01:37 AM    #


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