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Posted Fri Jun 04, 2004, 08:29 AM by Tracy | |

I gave $100 to the DNC. You should too, unless Republican is more your flavor. The last time I gave $$ to a political campaign was to defeat measure 13. Or maybe it was measure 9. One of them anyway, that proposed to declare homosexuality a perversion on a par with bestiality and pedophilia.

It’s important for the future of this country and our place in the world community to replace Dubya with someone who can comprehend the complexities of international relations. We can no longer afford (could we ever) to be a lone actor, perceived as the big bully however ideal we insist our motives be.

I am mildly bemused that some people ask why aren’t we whiny liberals as vocal about outrages of beheadings and torture and mutilation and public killings by Islamic extremists as we about war atrocities committed by our own troops. Simple. Key words in the previous statement are: “our own troops.” IOW, representatives of me and my country. People acting in my name. People who are America.

We in America like to think we are a civilized country, so much better than those backward fanatical terrorists. And we are for the most part. But not because we believe in a big white god with a big white beard who sent his only Nordic son to save the world. Not because we have our choice of McDonalds® or KFC™, Pepsi™ or Coke™. Not because we don’t require our women to hide their tempting appearance from men’s lust. Well, yeah, that last one is part of it.

We are perceived as we act. What makes us “better” is that we don’t rape and murder and mutilate. We don’t kill people and drag their bodies through the streets, hanging them from the nearest bridge. We follow rules of engagement. We avoid involving civilians.

So when our troops get caught doing things that reflect poorly upon the US of A, damn right I’m outraged. We are better than that. We should be better than that. This isn’t going to win us any “hearts and minds”. Some of our leaders would do well to read Mao on how to behave toward peasants when you are dependent upon their good will.

Frankly, I don’t believe for a minute that what happened in Abu Graib prison was the work of a few “bad apples”. At the very least the commanders in charge turned a blind eye. The military command set up a situation ready for abuse. These people are professionals. They should know how to do this right. All they have to do is read about the Stanford Prison Experiment.

And what of terrorist atrocities committed in the name of G*d (magpie people know “Allah” is Arabic for G*d)? I’d like to see moderate Muslim clerics stand up and say, these people don’t represent us, they are not true Muslims, the Koran does not teach this. In fact, we excommunicate them. No 67 virgins in heaven for them, it’s straight to the fiery pits of hell, do not pass Go, go not collect 200 dinar.

As for me, I’m on day three of what I hope is going to be only a three-day headache.

  1. Right on sister. So many conservative/Repubs in this country have a convoluted sense of justice and rhetoric.

    Why would they insist that whiny liberals condemn the atrocities of the Muslim world, as though it were some litmus test on patriotism and legitimacy.

    Are they implying that since the libs don't do this, then they are less than American? Does this somehow embolden the conservative cause and make them more American?

    This brand of misplaced sentiment and convolution of logic is dangerous and should be confronted with full vigor.

    And to be fair, lest any repubs are reading this and wondering why I'm only picking on them, similar thinking exists in the Muslim world. It's rampant: why would Al Qaeda, Muslims of all types, and peoples of all Mideast countries be so concerned with the plight of the Palestinians at the expense of doing something about the injustices in their own country. This thinking defies logic and practicality. Even though they may have a legitimate moral position, it rings hollow because of their own motives and lack of personal responsibility.

    Bill    Mon Jun 7, 10:16 AM    #


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