Mint julep.

Posted Sun May 07, 2006, 13:47 PM by Tracy | |

Sugar, distilled from cane. Sugar, distilled from grain. Nothing sweeter than a mint julep.

Much of my life is spent in avoidance of headaches. I get headaches when I’m stressed. I get headaches when I’m sick. I get headaches when I’m tired or low on blood-sugar. I get particularly vicious headaches right before my cycle.

I stopped drinking any alcohol the two weeks before my brown-black test, which was scheduled at right about the time I would be getting my cycle. Not the day I could afford a headache. Lucky for me, it came a few days early. I did get the headache, but it was minor.


I think alcohol is a trigger. Now I don’t drink for the week or so before I expect my cycle to commence anew. Which meant no mint julep for me yesterday.


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