What is she doing?

Posted Sun May 07, 2006, 13:33 PM by Tracy | |

The darling idiot child, perched on the back of the couch, sucking on the afghan. Wool-sucking behaviour has been observed in Siamese. We are certain her sister Mose was a Siamese cross: black, belly sag, tail crook, annoying miaow. Or maybe it’s just because they were separated from their mother too young.

  1. I think it’s a mommy thing. My boy cat loves to do the cushy cushy thing on my breasts. I think it’s a left over mommy thing too – or he’s giving me daily breast exams making sure there’s no lumps. Talk about a health conscientious cat. Growing up I had a cat that would drool uncontrollably on you when you held him and skritched his head. They’re weird but that’s why we love them.

    kungfukitten    Sat May 13, 04:17 PM    #

  2. My two guys, now seven years old, developed a habit of doing this to polar fleece.

    In our case it is most certainly a mommy thing. When they were first with us, adopted from a shelter together at age 9.5 months, they would get lonely at night and come into my bedroom at around 3-4am. I was still nursing my then 16-month old son, and had built up milk by that time.

    Needless to say, humans are not the only mammals to want to drink the milk of other mammals! I took to wearing a t-shirt, but they would still smell the milk and wake me with their nuzzling, kneading and need. I would pull up the polarfleece blanket between us and hug them tight and whoever my feline visitor was would purr and drool and purr and purr while latching onto the blanket.

    I think that explains their particular fetish, at least. Amelia still likes to climb under the covers with me when I go to bed and snuggle close, too.

    Ms Kate    Mon May 15, 08:42 PM    #


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