Derby Day down.

Posted Sun May 07, 2006, 12:33 PM by Tracy | |

E thinks my obsession with the Kentucky Derby is funny. I don’t follow the sport; I’m not particularly interested in sports in general. But once a year I insist on watching the Kentucky Derby.

I just like watching the horses run.

I’ve been trying to get an annual Derby party going. Light nosh and mint juleps. We had a good turnout last year, but this year was a total wipeout. No one came! The people I invited must not be as big of Derby fans as I am.

It worked out well, though, because we had practically no party cleanup. After the race I worked in the garden, burying the black plastic edge I bought to separate grass from garden. Then E came out and we stacked wood on the brand new wood rick. The yard is slowly coming together.

I’d like to put in plants today, but the weather is cold and rainy and windy and icky.


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