Not the World's Worst Gardener (tm)

Posted Thu Apr 27, 2006, 21:28 PM by Tracy | |

But I’m working on it.

Now that we’ve finally moved the Huge Pile of Firewood™ that blocked my access to the front lawn, I can finally tackled the overgrown grass jungle it has become. Of course, there’s the Big Patch of Dirt™ formerly inhabited by the Huge Pile of Firewood™ to ignore.

I really should have waited for E do the job efficiently with a) the electric mower or b) the gas-powered mower, but I was impatient. After a winter’s hiatus, my cute little push mower emerged from the garage. Yes, we each have our own mowers. I’m a little sketchy with power tools.

I did a real hack job. The grass was just too much for the little push mower, but I persevered anyway. It’ll even out in time and future mowings.

I’ve been complaining about the grass encroaching on the garden area. Whatever original boundary was there has been erased. E said I could mark an edge and we would put in paving stones.

So out came the edger and I went all around the garden. Unfortunately I was left with a lot of grassy soil on the inside of the garden boundary.

Out came the pointy hoe-like thing. I attacked and slashed and made a right mess of it. I don’t know what to do with all the grass-dirt clumps.

I wonder what E will say when he comes home? At least it’s a start.


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