A productive weekend.

Posted Sun Mar 26, 2006, 13:29 PM by Tracy | |

Despite feeling a little loopy yesterday (no I had not been drinking) I got a lot done. Several loads of laundry washed AND folded. Ran the dishwasher AND put away the dishes. “Fixed” the vacuum cleaner AND vacuumed.

I had wanted to get into the garden and clean it up after a winter’s neglect but 1) it was cold and wet and rainy and 2) E beat me to it.

I should be putting in some annuals about now but 1) realistically I’m not doing anything until after my kung fu test Apr 15 and 2) there’s a huge pile of firewood half in the garden and half in the grass.

We need a wood rick, also known as an outdoor firewood storage rack. Nobody knows what I mean when I say “wood rick”. I told E I’d buy him one for his birthday, but he’d have to pick out the one he wants.


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