The course o' networking ne'er did run smooth.

Posted Sat Mar 18, 2006, 10:27 AM by Tracy | |

Every night this last week has been devoted to configuring my new wireless network, all so I can connect to my office network through Virtual Private Network, so I can work from home this weekend.

Tuesday I changed my router settings, on the advice of our IT guy, to be able to connect to VPN. Not only did that not work, but I totally hosed my settings.

Wednesday I spent another hour with tech support to reconfigure my router. I figured out what settings I could change without screwing it up.

Thursday I ran a mini-program our IT guy made for me to flush out and reset my IP address. That didn’t work.

Friday our IT guy and I came home at lunch. He spent hours with router tech support and Qwest trying to figure out how to configure the modem (yes, it was the modem that was the obstacle, not the router) to give an IP address that would work with our VPN.

Guess what. It didn’t work. My DSL modem is so old, the IP is hard coded and can’t be changed. We ran off to Best Buy to get a new Qwest DSL modem with wireless. I can return the router to Frys, don’t need it.

Friday night, bless him, our IT guy set up and configured my brand new DSL modem with wireless. Of course that meant more time with Qwest tech support to get an obscure username/password that there’s no way I’d ever know how to get.

But at last we achieved success. I now have a brand new DSL modem, wireless network and I can VPN into work.

Yay! I can work all freakin’ weekend from home. Yay!



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