Wired for wireless.

Posted Mon Mar 13, 2006, 23:55 PM by Tracy | |

I am blogging from my living room. It took a two-hour tech support call to I-don’t-know-where, but I’m finally here: blogging from the comfort of a futon couch with Along Came Polly on the HBO and the cat on my lap.

This afternoon I went to Fry’s, a little slice of geek heaven on earth, and picked up a Netgear wireless router. I’m going to need to use my work laptop from home this weekend and I don’t want to have a bajillion foot cable running through the house to trip over.

It was supposed to be a simple 20-minute setup. There was a hitch though – wireless routers are supposed to connect via ethernet. My DSL is connected to the computer with USB and I didn’t know how to configure for the ethernet connection. E remembers that we were never able to get it to work right.

The nice tech support engineer took me through the whole process, setting up both the wired (desktop) and wireless (laptop) connections. The network is even a secure. It’s surprising – or not – how many people set up their wireless networks and just leave them wide open.


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