Good news, bad news.

Posted Wed Mar 08, 2006, 22:45 PM by Tracy | |

Lately my faithful little Saturn has been plagued with a high idle. E and his buddy took the first stab at it, replacing the thermostat. It needed replacing, but that didn’t solve it. We took it to the dealership where they replaced a vacuum hose. That helped at first, but the idle went back up after a couple weeks.

Last week we went back to the dealership where they found something even more expensive to replace: the EGR valve and related solenoids. For the money I paid you’d think it should be fixed, but it wasn’t.

Tuesday we dropped the car at the dealership. They were able to replicate the problem: if the engine is cold when it starts, it idles high and stays high. If the engine is warm, it idles low then creeps up. They couldn’t find any error codes, so they thought the problem might lie with the power train control module, or “very expensive piece of car that you cannot replace yourself.” But they didn’t have a spare just laying around, so I would have to leave my car overnight so they could get install one in the morning to test it.

This morning I got the good news, bad news call.

Good news: it’s not the “very expensive piece of car that you cannot replace yourself.”
Bad news: they don’t know what the problem is.
Good news: they think it’s the throttle body.
Bad news: they don’t have one in stock.
Good news: they can get one overnight.
Bad news: I have to leave my car overnight again.
Good news: nope, that’s it.


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