Here come the brides.

Posted Sun Jun 13, 2004, 08:20 AM by Tracy | |

We went to our first lesbian wedding last night, at the Unitarian church. E liked it because there was a bar around the corner.

The bridal couple wore identical black suits with white blouses and single red roses on their lapels. The ceremony was the kind I like: short. The reception was held at Bridgeport brewery, where they served imperial pints (!) of their fine microbrews.

Today is my birthday. Guess how old I am. No, go ahead, guess.

E is watching an F1 race with his friends. I’m working on a pro bono booklet. Later this evening we will go out for dinner.

I’m also drinking a Bloody Mary, so I’m not very coherent. I am enjoying myself, however.

  1. I think you'll be about my age ...;-)

    Irene    Mon Jun 14, 06:49 AM    #

  2. You're 40!

    Ruben    Tue Jun 15, 08:37 AM    #

  3. You're 25.

    kungfukitten    Tue Jun 15, 02:33 PM    #

  4. I just found out it's 42.

    Ruben    Wed Jun 16, 12:54 PM    #

  5. Hmm. I guess it doesn't realy work as a guessing game when I put my birth year on the site. Although Irene is most diplomatic.

    The Magpie herself    Thu Jun 17, 06:19 AM    #

  6. If I didn't know better, I would guess about 36. Based on your wide knowledge of the world, I would guess 52. Based on the fact that you can't stop giggling when you think about South Park and, I would say that you are about 15, and a boy.

    Fishy    Thu Jun 17, 09:44 AM    #


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